PAYDAY: The Heist


It's a HUD mod for PAYDAY: The Heist, in the vein of PocoHUD for PAYDAY 2. To my knowledge this is the only HUD mod for PAYDAY: The Heist that does what WTFBM does.

With heist, assault, drills, and reloading timers, an armor bar for easier reading of how much armor you have left, weapon statistics, an enemy HP display, and a few other goodies, it's the only HUD for PAYDAY you'll need.

It's compatible with BLT and DorHUD too, so you really have no excuse not to use it. Unless you hate being informed or something.

GZDoom 2.2.0+
Zandronum 3

It's no secret that I love games like Painkiller and Serious Sam, even if I can't play them for more than an hour before I need to take a break. Dakka is me taking everything good from the weapons of those games, supercharging them, and smashing them into one mod.

Responsiveness and power were the goals here. Every weapon has been sped up, projectiles have been sped up, damage has been increased across the board, ammo is plentiful, and the weapons respond to your input damn near instantly.

There's a score system as well, which gets you a couple of rewards that assist you greatly as you shoot demons with guns. One regenerates your ammo, the other gives you an extra life.

Also, there might be too many explosions.

(There are never too many explosions.)

ZDoom 2.7.1+
Zandronum 3

This is a very serious mod with very serious weapons. Weapons that fire health bonuses. Weapons that turn enemies into shotguns. Rocket launchers that fire rockets that explode into rocket launchers that explode into more rocket launchers.

Y'know, that sort of thing. The sort of stuff you find in every weapon mod. Right?


Zandronum 1

The mod that was too fast for Doom.

TerminusEst13 and I, on a whim, decided to run a couple mods of ours together: Parkmore and Superfast. The result was fun enough that, on the spot, we decided to combine the two to make Cyberrunner.

The premise was this: you got a bunch of huge tracks to run, jump, boost, and parkour through. Do it as fast as possible. It even had stuff like deathmatch, and might've had stuff like CTF if things ever got further.

Engine limitations killed it. The maps were too big for collision detection to work, leading to you going straight through objects and not colliding with level geometry properly.

Both of us had extremely high hopes for this mod, but engine limitations and a lack of mappers killed it. Exactly one person actually delivered on making maps.

I still want to do the idea justice some day. Some day.

ZDoom 2.5.0+
Zandronum 2+

Both you and the enemies get a damage multiplier. Normally, it's set so you all die in one hit. Both multipliers can be changed.

There's also a gambler die, which will randomly apply the max damage multiplier if it's enabled. Applies both ways.

You can also disable random damage for both players and enemies, since taking anywhere from 30 to 150 damage is incredibly unreliable for survival.

Also includes some features to make the spawn area safe, as well as add health regeneration, both to prevent unwinnable situations.

ZDoom 2.7.1+
Zandronum 3

Tetris in Doom. It uses 7-bag randomization, SRS rotation, 6-piece preview, hold piece, ghost pieces, combos, spin recognition, and a blocks/minute and lines/minute counter.

I never actually added in a win condition, so it goes on forever until you lose. Adding a win condition shouldn't be too hard, however.

Note that if you're used to things like Nullpomino, the 35Hz polling rate will throw you off. Nothing anyone can do about that.

ZDoom 2.3.1+
Zandronum 1+

First off: you can't win.

The idea came from Robotron 2084, where you fight off endless waves of robots with no end condition. This is similar.

Killing monsters gets you resupplies, but also increases the rate and strength of reinforcements. Your goal is to get as high a score as possible until you die.

There are performance issues once you get to thousands of monsters, related to fading them out. You can consider it a win condition if you get that far.

In retrospect, I'm not sure why I added hitscanners to the spawn lists.

ZDoom 2.7.0+
Zandronum 3

This little map allows you to easily grab a bunch of items, select a difficulty, and warp to a specific map.

In GZDoom 2.4.0 and beyond, the map is enhanced by ZScript to support Doom 1, Heretic, Hexen, and Strife, spawning their items instead of Doom's.

It can also check to see if the map you're warping to actually exists, and switches to E#M# warping when appropriate, which I think is really neat.

In Zandronum, ZDoom, or versions of GZDoom before 2.4.0, it only supports Doom 2, and can't check if the map exists or not.

Zandronum 1+

One of a few mods that adds parkour elements to Doom.

This one adds multi-jumping, Unreal Tournament style dodging, wall-jumps, ledge grabbing, and some other small tricks.

It has a tendency to completely break most Doom maps that don't expect you to be able to stay in the air basically indefinitely.

Zandronum 1+
ZDoom 2.3.1+

You're unkillable, and your regular Doom arsenal is replaced with purely rocket jumping tools.

In addition to a standard rocket launcher (that is also a grenade launcher), you get a couple weapons that do obscene damage, a beacon placer, and a spawn point placer.

This is meant purely for rocket jumping maps. Specifically, it's meant for the Rocket Jump Extreme mapset, where you were very much mortal and had to rely on megaspheres to stay alive for each jump. That didn't allow for most of the fun tricks, so this came along.

Also, I got tired of constantly walking back to a specific point after failing a jump. Hence the spawn point placer.

Zandronum 1+
ZDoom 2.3.1+

It's a conversion of the Quake map Aerowalk to Doom.

While smaller than the original on the horizontal plane (whoops), it supports pretty much all the tricks that the Quake aerowalk does.

The one exception is shooting through the holes by the super shotgun (grenade launcher in Quake), because projectiles actually have a radius in Doom.

If you use this map in ZDoom, set sv_aircontrol to 0.25 so you can do the teleporter trick. Zandronum's air physics don't need any adjustment.

Any Boom port


This is a map I made for DUMP 2, and is a result of me being so lazy with layout that I had to copypaste it three times. Somehow it worked out.

There's three areas with roughly the same layout, each with a key necessary to unlock the exit. In order of easiest to hardest, they are a techbase area, a cave/ruins area, and a hell area.

The difficulty comes not just from stronger (and more) enemies, but also by opening up the layout of each successive area so that the monsters can more easily swarm you.